Siminetti Sky Polo Team Success

This weekend the Siminetti sky polo team competed in their first tournament of the 2021 season. The sun came out in support and the team were eager to get back out onto the pitch with their polo ponies. The tournament in question was the Tylor cup at Kirtlington Park polo club, and team members included S. Richards, S. Powell, R. Brown, and A. Hancock.

Kirtlington park is set in the Oxfordshire countryside with glorious views and excellent resources for catering polo teams of all abilities. The club was originally founded in 1926 when Major Deed brought his polo ponies over to practise on the grounds, He persuaded Mr Hugh Budgett, who had become the new owner of the park in 1922, to start playing. The club ceased during World War II when the grounds became a part of the dig for victory campaign. The club was refounded in 1954 and has continued to grow since. The grounds now has seven grounds and hosts around 40 tournaments a year.

The Tylor cup is a 0 goal competition. For those unaware of the classification system; polo players are assigned a number from -2 to 10. This classifies their prowess on the pitch. For a team to enter a 0 goal competition the summation of the players points must equal 0.

Our team this weekend consisted of players with the classification of 2,0,-1,-1. A well-balanced side with good chances of a successful tournament. In Saturdays preliminaries, we successfully secured our spot in Sunday finals. In the final the team faced CSC polo. narrowly avoiding the win but putting on a fantastic show at Kirtlington.

Well done team for the fantastic performance! Excited to see what the remainder of the seasons entails!

Wish to know more about Polo? have a look at HPA Polo UK, they are the governing body for polo in the UK, Ireland and many other countries. A great starting point to learn the rules of the sport and understand what is involved.

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