Life in the air, an expression of an individual and their lifestyle. The need to meet, arrive and relax in style. Siminetti’s luxury Mother of Pearl decorative surfaces, are the perfect, lightweight, luxurious finish for discerning owners of aircraft. From bulk heads, headliners to bar tops and fronts, bathrooms and even intricate furniture inlays, Siminetti’s style, culture and ethos enhances each experience.


At Siminetti we specialise in ensuring our discerning clients are surrounded with a luxury afforded to only a few and that the elegance of our timeless luxury Mother of Pearl finishes defines their wellbeing. Siminetti Mother of Pearl decorative surfaces are found on some of the worlds leading properties and within aircraft brings our clients a stylish finish befitting the avaition sector. Browse our luxurious Decorative Surfaces for inspiration on how Siminetti can develop your next aircraft project.

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