Siminetti luxury mother-of-pearl tiles

The launch of the Siminetti Golden Pearl Drop Decorative Panel is finally here!

The Golden Pearl Drop Decorative Panel marks the very latest in the series of Siminetti’s luxurious Decorative Mother-of-Pearl Panels.
Artfully designed by the in-house Siminetti design team, this latest Golden Pearl Drop panel takes its inspirations from within the current Siminetti luxury panel collection. The exceptionally popular Emerald Pearl Drop decorative panel has provided the basic canvas for Siminetti’s latest addition to the decorative panel collection.

The new Golden Pearl Drop, uses one of Siminetti’s most exclusive Saltwater mother-of-pearls, ‘Golden Promise’ which creates a distinctive, individual depth to each pearl drop.

The background of the panels are created using our sustainably sourced freshwater mother-of-pearl.
This light and even distribution of Golden Pearl Drops across the panel creates a statement of subtle luxury. Exclusively combining Saltwater and Freshwater mother-of-pearl these handcrafted, bespoke decorative panels are a truly unique addition to any home. See the full Decorative Panel Collection.

Siminetti Golden Pearl Drop Decorative Panel

As with all of Siminetti’s mother-of-pearl products, the mother-of-pearl is always sourced sustainably, with the majority being sourced from discarded shells which have been grown for use in the food industry.

Siminetti Golden Peal Drop Decorative Panel

Siminetti take these discarded shells and carefully clean and remove the mother-of-pearl from the shells. This shell is then crafted into Siminetti’s signature colours and designs. This same mother-of-pearl is commonly used within the luxury watch industry to create the faces of high end watches.

Each golden pearl drop is individually handcrafted from our ‘Golden Promise’ mother-of-pearl, this ensures that no two panels are ever the same, giving a bespoke feel to each panel. This exclusive touch ensures every panel is as unique as the environment it is being added to.

In addition to Siminetti panels being handcrafted and unique, each panel is produced to our clients exact measurements, up to 240cm x 120cm. Each panel is carefully tailored to include cut-outs for niches and fittings – ensuring a truly bespoke service.

Each luxury panel is produced onto an aluminium honeycomb backing. This solid structure provides an exceptional strength to the tiles which ensure the panels last a lifetime. Though incredibly strong and resilient, the Golden Pearl Drop Decorative Panels are incredibly light to handle. Weighing in at just 4kgs/m2 the panels can be transported, lifted and handled with incredible ease, making them ideal for use across larger building projects or smaller home projects.

As each Siminetti decorative panel is handcrafted to order, customers can expect to wait approximately 4-6 weeks for their custom decorative panel to arrive with them. While very versatile, Siminetti luxury decorative panels are perfectly suited to feature walls, wet rooms, spas, niches and backsplashes. Siminetti panels can be added to almost any project and will enhance the space with a luxury finish.

Each panel is also made with ease of installation in mind. Created to client specifications, multiple panels can be aligned next to each other to cover larger surface areas should the projects require this. The installation of the panels is incredibly clean and simple. Glue is applied to the surface onto which the panels are to be adhered too and then the panels are gently pressed onto the glue – that’s it! The panels have already been cut to the correct size so there’s no mess involved in cutting the panels during application. In addition, the panels are pre sealed and do not require additional sealing once applied making application of Siminetti panels quick and easy.

These Golden Pearl Drop decorative panels will look stunning as a part of any interior or exterior design project. Typical Siminetti installation areas include superyachts, hotels, private residences, spa’s, restaurants, shower walls and kitchen backsplashes.

If you are interested in ordering samples, please call our worldwide head office on +44 (0)1386 897866. For more information on our Worldwide Associates and Showrooms, please visit our Showrooms Page

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