The Seasons Collection 2021

Siminetti is proud to announce the launch of our latest collection, created in collaboration with a renowned British Designer (name to be announced closer to the launch). The Seasons Collection; a series of twelve stunning designs inspired by nature.

Consistent in its quest to create inspirational luxury surfaces, that are crafted with passion, viewed with awe and are kind to the planet on which we live, the collection transforms the tier of decorative surfaces, testing the boundaries of what is possible with nature’s most stunning material; Mother of Pearl.

Each design has undergone an exhaustive research & refinement process, where Siminetti’s leading industry knowledge of decorative surfaces gels harmoniously with their collaborators exemplary understanding of crafting beautiful surface designs.

The collection can be broken down into the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. The creative process began with these seasons being dissected into their connotations and denotations to find the most alluring themes. This process also highlighted how the natural qualities of mother of pearl could harmoniously tie with a selection of the most stunning organic shapes and patterns found in nature. However, also highlighted how the systematic patterns of old could be elevated to harness more organic patterns and the craft challenges that would need to be solved.

Siminetti’s Mother of Pearl decorative surfaces are the next generation in Mother of Pearl surface finishes. Handcrafted by Siminetti’s team of artisans, the new collection of Decorative Surfaces capture the stunning natural beauty of Mother of Pearl in combination with stunning organic influences.

Today we can reveal some sneak peaks from the new collection. When it comes to aesthetics where better to take inspiration from than creation itself. Patterns are found all around us in the natural world. Distinctive markings reoccur, creating symmetries, stripes, swirls, bubbles, waves and many other shapes. Cycles, repetition and pattern give a sense of order and calm – they help to harmonise our understanding of the world around us.

Natures Herringbone


the season of rejuvenation and renewal – Plant veins are brimming with life. The undivided blade of a leaf encompasses structural patterns creating ordered geometric impressions.

Nature’s Herringbone

picks up these irregularities and organises them into straight parallels.


the warmer half of the year conjures nostalgic notions of long carefree days and relaxation. The bright Summer sun casts warm shadows creating silhouettes of leaves and foliage.  


preserves the contrast of light from this familiar mid-summer bloom.

Silver Birch


synonymous with colour marks a season of change as Summer turns into Winter. Its papery silver and white bark gently flakes away from the fissured trunk of the familiar woodland tree.

Silver Birch

collates the elements that are newly exposed as the surface peels and breaks forming decorative motifs.


the coldest of the seasons; days are shorter, and beautiful winter sunlight creates its very own individual, charming shapes and patterns in nature. Beautiful hexagonal patterns are often seen in frosty environments as freezing water turns to ice.


beautiful hexagonal patterns are often seen in frosty environments as freezing water turns to ice.


The seasons collection will be launching January 2021. Make sure to follow Siminetti on social media or contact us at to stay up to date on the launch!

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