Siminetti at Hix 2021

Introduction to HIX

HIX (Hotel Interiors Exhibition) is fast approaching! The event will be held at London’s Design Centre from the 18th – 19th of November, bringing together the hotel industries most renowned suppliers, interior designers and architects. The HIX event has been founded on six principles: In Search of Excellence, You are The Content, Sketch Culture, Design Time, There is no Hospitality like understanding, Design Strategy and Tactics.

Joel Butler the director of Hix spoke to design insider live to overview the event. One of the most prominent statements being a recognition of the public transition from lockdown; where hotels and hospitality venues became places of quarantine, to a slow emergence of normality but with great uncertainty. “Now as we re-design our lives, people are redefining their interpretation of ‘meaningful value’, and hospitality providers need to understand, anticipate and reflect this societal shift in outlook” Future and current hotel renovation projects need to closely consider the dynamic mindset shifts of the public. Particularly looking at the different speeds at which people will regain confidence in the new hotel’s experience. Implementation of features to aid this transition will set apart the most successful hotels. The inclusion of our Decorative Panels for example mitigate the need for grouts which can be a breeding ground for pathogens and bacteria. Our panels need no grout and are effortless to keep hygienically clean.

The event will also focus on themed conversation topics

Meaningful value: Widespread financial anxiety and the imminent question, ‘is this trip worth it?’ How can hotels (re)create and communicate their value proposition, in an economic sense as well as something more meaningful?

All Together Now: For many, 2020 was a place of solitude, introspection and often loneliness. Now incredible hotels can represent communion, togetherness and shared experience.

The Hotel Safe: Suddenly there were masks, gels, screens and distance. Our homes became refuge, the outside no longer felt the same. Can the hotels be our safe haven, emotional sanctuary and ‘home from home’?

Truth: In a world of misinformation and instantly responsive social platforms, young people are losing faith in big businesses and brands. HIX asks How can hotels nurture trust, connection and loyalty amongst this demographic?

WFhotel: Society is now asking big, existential questions relating to work. Time, place, and the very definition of work just changed forever. Hotels can play a critical role in our brave new world of work. – Will we see a move of ‘Working from home’ to Working From Hotel’?

Compassionate Design: Our mental and physical health have never been under such collective pressure and so closely entwined. Hotels have the opportunity to design for wellness with self-compassion at the heart of the guest’s experience.

These conversational points are all about better understanding your guests and what they desire from their stay. Each session (there will be three a day!) will start with a ‘social shift’, a challenge that the industry needs to address to improve experiences. Understanding the needs of your guest following the pandemic is the biggest conversation in our industry at the moment, and for good reason. The conversations will dissect the most important elements of the new world of hospitality and break down the considerations we all need to make to give meaningful value.

Meet Siminetti

Siminetti will be exhibiting at HIX, you can find us at stand 54 showcasing our most luxurious surfaces for hotels internationally. We hope to see many of our existing clients there and look forward to speaking through our products with those of you we have not yet met!

Register now to avoid disappointment here, the event is completely free to attend.