Meet The Founder; Simon Powell

Meet Simon Powell, the CEO and Founder of Siminetti in this exclusive interview conducted at Paddington Works. Interviewer Lulu poses numerous questions to reveal the man behind Siminetti. Covering topics from early entrepreneurship, the founding of Siminetti, sustainability, motorsport & the game of kings – Polo.

You can digest the interview as either a Video, or written form below.

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Simon Powell; Meet The Founder Interview – Written Copy

So Simon lovely to have you here today for “Meet the founder”, and you are the founder of Siminetti.

Can you start by telling us how you started, or why you started?

Well a lot of it goes back to my childhood, I had parents who were both successful businessmen and women, and I guess that started an entrepreneurial spirit within me. I can remember one time my parents coming home and finding me in the street with a table set up selling fruit out of the garden to passers-by! I think that is the earliest recollection I have of having the business ethos of wanting to go into business myself and developing my own company.

I then finished university and went on to do various work skills, and met some very good friends. We ended up going to Italy on a regular basis. Including visits to Pompeii, I think more times than most! I was fascinated by the mosaics etc. that were around Pompeii, the history, and the details that were there. This got me thinking about what do people do today for mosaic decoration, and that’s what I brought with me. I remember flying home one day thinking well, perhaps this is something we should look at more in the UK. I started investigating, how was it done today, were people doing it today, and my love of mosaics started from that point. So it sort of started, a little bit from my parents, a little bit is blaming holidays – visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum. Then finding out more and more about the mosaic industry and what was involved in it, and that started my journey. I have been in the mosaic industry now for almost a quarter of a century.


So I have picked up a lot of knowledge and worked on some amazing projects around the world. In varying materials to begin with and that’s my story.

So why mother of pearl?

It was down to looking at what materials were… I didn’t want to have a product that was being overused around the world or around the country. Mother of pearl has always been synonymous with luxury surfaces, luxury finishes, jewellery obviously, and watch faces. I was aware that it was a widely available material, was a waste product going to landfill. But, we could actually start producing mosaic tiles out of it. After some further investigation, we came up with the process that we have today. It gave me such a buzz! Because I was bringing something which was centuries old, everybody knows of mother of pearl, but nobody ever considers it as a surface decoration. They may have seen it in furniture, etc. But here was something I could develop into – initially- mosaic tiles. So that is what I did, we utilized both freshwater and saltwater pearl. The shell itself was otherwise just discarded, the freshwater pearl is grown for the freshwater pearl industry, all the shell was being thrown away for landfill or used as hardcore which seemed a great waste. Saltwater pearl we take from the food industry and is farmed around the world. We take the bi-product shell from that and utilize the nacre within the shell. Were taking again a product that was just being discarded, and then through the magic of how we work it, we started producing these stunning finishes which are natural in their look and appearance. No two pieces (tesserae) are ever the same! That natural beauty was something that I wanted to bring to the marketplace. There is lots of natural stone about, lots of glass mosaic etc. but that ultimate pinnacle of luxury I felt with mother of pearl, would establish a very different feel. Be it in steam rooms, spas, swimming pools, super yachts, hotels, wherever we’re installing it. When people look at it, the surprise on their face “wow” still gives me a buzz, and a great warming feeling every time, I show it to people. That’s the beauty of the product.

So how did you pivot, from fundamentally mosaic tiles to surfaces, so I have seen images on your website with pictures on the wall and table tops when did that pivot happen?

Well, about three years ago we were being asked by clients that wanted to put it into showers, and we were putting mother of pearl (mosaics) into showers, it is one of our core areas where we install the product. But people wanted to do away with the need for grout. Any type of tile you have requires grout. So we started looking at putting all of our pieces of mother of pearl, basically butting them up – joining them – to each other to do away with the need for grout. This saved the need for a secondary process on-site, it’s also more hygienic, it saves cleaning, so on and so forth. So there are multiple advantages to doing it. We came up with the concept of putting the individual pieces together, but in doing that we needed to have a harder substrate or something that was stronger. So, we developed a honeycomb backing so now we’re able to produce decorative panels – as we call them. The panels have got huge rigidity so they don’t break, and you can put them into showers etc, produced to the size that’s required and they just go straight into showers, or into furniture inlays for example. It does away with that secondary process of needing to grout. You get a stunningly smooth finish, that is just wiped clean should it need cleaning.

So interestingly, you have moved into healthcare Hospitals?

Yes, we have recently finished – well we are still in the process of supplying – an enormous project in the US. A hospital in the US that has taken all Siminetti products, and is the second hospital for this group that we have done. The concept of mother of pearl being in a hospital is maybe an unusual one to many people, and to a certain degree, it was to me. But again it’s bringing that hygienic aspect that they very much like, it’s bringing, a stunning finish that every time you look at it, people see something different. It is bringing luxury finishes into spaces that are perhaps not renowned for putting in such luxury finishes. But, again the sustainability aspect was very keen to them as a client. That was, and is, a very exciting project.

Well it is a very exciting time isn’t, with obviously covid, and companies the world over, business sectors, doing these fogging systems and looking at surfaces, you mentioned the lack of grout and the ease of hygiene cleanliness, you know its so much better than plastics, a 100 times better.

Well as a product I often say to people how sustainable is it? It’s a bit like if I ever watch a archaeological program, if you find anything left of a human being, you may find their teeth! Well ultimately mother of pearl is the same style of product, a calcium based product. So it is very strong but also a wholly natural product. From an environmental point of view it is also hugely exciting. But what I do say to people. Is if you don’t like going to the dentists, don’t be around if they’re cutting it as it can smell like the dentists. Which always brings a smile! But again it really demonstrates the type of product we are utilizing. For me – the aspect of what we’re doing for the planet – we’re not pillaging the ocean, were using farmed products. If one day it is discarded on a project, or something, in twenty or twenty five years time we know its not going to damage the environment. That longevity to the product is exciting as well. It also means we have a great opportunity, because the pieces we use are relatively small, we can come up with all sorts of designs and patterns. Some of the bespoke designs we get asked to produce are just amazing. I don’t believe we have failed to do any designs to date! And yeah we are able to really produce what any client is looking for.

So Simon, this year you came out with a new series of designs; called the seasons collection?

Yes that’s right, what we wanted to do was bring a whole new revolution to the idea of mosaics and the styles we can do in mother of pearl. We went out of house, we wanted to bring somebody on board who had no knowledge of our industry, no knowledge of the surfaces, and we wanted to produce a collection that was aligned with the seasons; winter, autumn etc. we appointed, Chrisanna of London, a renowned surface designer but in ceramics, bed linin etc. She came on board and we gave her the brief of what we basically wanted to do. But we gave her a very very small brief. Basically, these are the raw materials we work with, Produce x number of designs which will be called the seasons collection. We started off with the concept of one design per season, so we were going to have four to launch in January. However, Chrisanna did such amazing work, she produced three for each season to give us an example, then we would choose one. But, I simply loved all of them! So it was impossible to decide which one to go with, and which one to drop. So, we launched the full collection, we now have twelve rather than four. The detail that we have in the designs is striking, and it utilizes a mixture of freshwater and saltwater pearl. Because that gives the wow effect that you get with saltwater pearl, with the blending of the freshwater pearl as a background colour. Which makes it equally cost-effective as well. So it gives us a stunning collection, that I’m very very proud of.

We have got a few samples here we can show, we don’t have any seasons but have we got both saltwater and freshwater?

Yes, we do, so just to the left of me here I have an all saltwater panel, which we refer to as innocence whisper. This pattern is whisper but the pearl here is a saltwater pearl (Innocence), so this is its actual colour, its natural colour, we source this from farms in Australia, and it is one of our most sought after designs and finishes. We have been doing this now for two years. We are just finishing a superyacht bar in it, it’s striking where we use the product! Again we produce it in lots of different shapes and sizes to suit each and every client. We have that flexibility to marry our product with what the clients requirements are. Whether it be big surface wall areas, where we will put joining panels together, or be it intricate details within a wardrobe fascia for example. The beauty of innocence is that no matter which way you look at it you see something different every time.

The colour hues you’re making reference to?

Yeah, the colour hues and actually with innocence the depth of the product as well because it’s almost 3 dimensional, you’re almost looking into it. That’s why it is our most exclusive actual pearl and without doubt, it’s one of our most sought after from our saltwater collection.

It is interesting isn’t it, because it gives that, ‘you want to touch it’ instantly. But, equally, I have seen it in images where you have had it sort of as, what I would call wallpaper, you know? It’s a complete wall that’s covered in them, but is this one for example freshwater? (holds pane up to the camera)

Well, that is actually a mixture of both. So the white in that one, or the Bianco as we refer to it…

This is called wave?

Yes, this is wave from our signature collection, it’s one of the first styles that we produced. So that utilizes both freshwater and saltwater mother of pearl. The brown that we see there making the waves is Saltwater, and the white (Bianco) is freshwater pearl. So we’re able to mix and match them both. We have done some lovely projects in that style. A recent. Very very funky bathroom, that’s been done in that, and it just takes your breath away when you see it.

But I have also seen it in a picture frame in a board room? which just looks so cool!

Yes, well that’s it people do use as pieces of art because in many ways we’re producing.. it often gets describes as jewellery for the wall, but also individual art pieces.

Like this one, pearl drop?

This is emerald pearl drop, This is a particular favourite of mine as well, again we are utilizing freshwater pearl and saltwater pearl. So we can see the emerald pearl drops are the saltwater, and then the freshwater pearl (Bianco) is the backing but each of those pieces is laid by hand you lay every piece by hand. So our craftsmen are true craftsmen, so all of this we cut by hand as well, it really is a bespoke solution with no two pieces ever the same.

Which of course makes it incredibly premium as well?

It does, which is rightly so for the type of product it is. Mother of pearl is always going to be a premium product and it is an absolute pleasure. We don’t run the operation, run the business on mass volume. This isn’t a mass volume business this is a… We just love what we do! No two projects are ever the same, we get clients from all different backgrounds and they’re going into all different locations, whether it be a shopping mall in Beverly Hills for example, or a very large Dutch superyacht, or a swimming pool in South Africa. We do, do some very unique projects in diverse locations.

Super, now more about you as the founder, whether this is linked to the company or not, what or who inspires you.

There is one person, I always read what he has to say, and follow what he has to do, and that would be Sir Richard Branson. I read an article, where one comment mentioned that you don’t have the reinvent everything, you just have to do it better than everybody else. I found that a really inspiring phrase because if you look at what he has done, be that through his finance business, his rail franchises, his balloons for example. We think of hot air balloons and you imagine a virgin hot air balloon flying through the air, his tv stations! And now he’s going into space travel! Now, I know space travel might be slightly different because there are not many people doing that but his whole ethos has been about improving what he offers his audience, his clients get a much better feeling from what he offers. I feel that’s hugely inspiring because it isn’t just about money, and yes he’s a very successful person and made a huge amount of money, but his key criteria is all about ensuring the services that his companies offer is better than anybody else. Or they’re giving a better experience. I find that hugely inspiring and what we try to do is, give a product, a service, a level of support, that is a lifestyle choice. That is what we’re trying to make it, and it’s not just about today it’s about the future. What you put into your home or into your property that every time you look at it you go – wow this is something special.

Brilliant, so can you talk about some of the projects you may have been involved in that you know, have given you a good journey story, accolade you can share.

I think there are, we cover such a diverse range of projects, so it’s quite difficult sometimes to pull out specific ones, but I think if there was two I would talk about right now; one is a slightly older one. But one that I’m immensely proud of. It’s the largest mother of pearl project ever in the world, where we supplied 7,500 square meters of mother of pearl mosaic tiles. Saltwater pearl as well, and that’s all gone onto external cladding. It was part of the regeneration of a particular part of the world. It’s gone on all the external cladding, shopping walls, living quarters, even on the outside of the hotel that’s there. Hugely proud project for us to secure, a highly fought over project, we were specified from the outset. We secured it because of our knowledge. There is very little we don’t know about the product, this is what we do! That journey probably lasted about three years. From the initial concept with a London based architect practice and then we were involved with a cladding based organization in the UK, and then a German cladding organization as well. Finally supplying it into the middle east – ahead of schedule – And we didn’t have one snag. Not one single fault in the 7,500 square meters that we supplied. I’m highly proud that a British company was able to secure that.

The other one I’m immensely proud of which we have just completed is a very special swimming pool, an external swimming pool on ocean drive in Miami. For me to ever think that I would be supplying or working on a project in ocean drive Miami, was never in the forefront of my mind! That was designed back in the 1970s and it never actually materialized until the client found us. (see more here).

They needed to redo the swimming pool. They had put in a concrete pool, and they didn’t like it. They found out that we could do it (the originally designed pool which had been imagined in mother of pearl), and our mother of pearl was suitable for swimming pools, because of our process and technique. We supplied it and it was installed, and the residents of this quite famous art deco commune are now quite happily splashing around in the swimming pool fully finished in our mother of pearl. It’s only the second almost commercial mother of pearl swimming pool in the US, and that for me is a very proud project to say we were involved in. Everything we do whether it be for private clients, royal families, palaces, private homes, gyms. Everything is stunning and we get such fabulous feedback from our clients, and for me, that means every day is a new exciting day.

Going back to one of your hobbies – your marketing team must enjoy their job as much as you do, because of the world they get to play in – because your hobby is actually a sport called polo, one of the most dangerous sports in the world, or classified as! So why have you chosen this? You also sponsor a polo team you’re a part of, How did that come to be?

It’s a little bit of a strange one, I have always done sports of shall we say of an ‘on the edge nature’, maybe a little bit too much adrenaline in those sports; whether it be scuba diving which I did for many years, and I was also a racing driver at one point. When I decided to hang my boots up from motor racing – what am I going to do! Perhaps I should do something safer, having never ridden a horse I decided to go and try my hand at polo. I lived around the corner from Hurlingham club in London at the time, and they were hosting a polo event, so I went to see what it was all about. Decided then to do a red-letter day to go and experience playing polo. Much – I remember – to my friends and families disgust and amazement because they knew, my feeling of horses at that moment. They’re bigger than me, I don’t trust them and they have attitudes and all things I couldn’t… but off I went! And it turned out it was something I could do, I could ride a horse, I had what is called a natural seat by all accounts, and my hand-eye-ball coordination was okay too. The problem is, it is the most addictive sport in the world, so if you’ve never done it, don’t try it, because you’ll never get out of it, it really does draw you in. The beauty of the sport is that it is never the same; you’ve got yourself, the horse, the ball, the pitch, the weather, the opposition and everything changes all of the time. For me, that gave me a great buzz and great excitement and ironically it works great with the branding of Siminetti as well. So yes we sponsor a team, the Siminetti Sky polo team, and we just played our first tournament and reached the final of our first tournament of this year, which I’m very proud of. It’s an exciting opportunity, it gives us the opportunity to invite clients along to enjoy the sport and get to know the sport, so many people don’t know of it. Yes, it’s a little bit bonkers, and my marketing team do love the fact they have pictures of me in compromising positions trying to get on horses, off of horses or missing the ball!

So share with us an interesting fact about yourself that no one else knows?

That’s the million-dollar question isn’t it, the strangest one I ask employees when they come to interview. Um, gosh turning the table on me now, I guess probably the fact that I have had a near-death experience! A little morbid perhaps, but I was motor racing and in pole position, the heavens opened and the rain started coming down. I had a bad spin and was then hit by nearly every car on the track because they couldn’t see me through the rain. I had long enough before the first car hit me, to think to myself and realize I was in trouble. In the end, I walked away from it with a bit of a cricked neck, but I had only one wheel left on my car, the steering wheel bent in half, seat strap had come up through my seat, I was very lucky to walk away from it. That car was never raced again, it wasn’t much good for anything but scrap at that point. It ended my racing career and hobby of racing. It did make me realize the importance of fighting for your dreams and enjoying this time that we have, and that always sits in the back of my mind, to make sure I’m making the best of every opportunity and every day that we have. Whether that be with Siminetti, home life, private life whatever it is. Enjoy it all! And that’s why with Siminetti we have quite an open relaxed vibe about everything we do because I want my team to love it as much as our clients love it. I think we achieve that and it is shown in the longevity of the people that are part of the Siminetti team, where ever they are in the world because were on most continents these days. People stay with us because of not only the product but the work-life balance that we bring about.

Is there another not so dramatic as a near-death experience fact, that not many know about you, that people might find surprising?

It might surprise me if I found out about it myself these days – I was at the time, not sure now, but I was at the time the youngest ever person to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands’ End. I managed to avoid any near-death experiences during that time! But I was thirteen, I can tell you it was one hell of a long way. No one warned me about the size of the hills in Scotland – They’re enormous! We did it on tandem bikes with the Worcestershire royal college for the blind, so there would be a blind person on the tandem and a sighted person, and yeah we cycled from john O’Groats down to Lands End. Some of my friends say we did it the easy way, as it’s downhill all the way and I can assure you it wasn’t! I remember we were sponsored at the time by the TSB bank. We would arrive at Glasgow or Edinburgh or wherever it was, all the major cities, and you’d be welcomed by TSB, local radio or television stations etc. Everyone else would get a bottle of beer or something to drink, and because I was only thirteen I would get weak orange squash and biscuits! That’s genuinely what I really most remember from it. But it’s a great thing to have done and I’m very proud that I did it, not sure I could do it today!

So Segway to your younger self, What advice would you give your younger self or your child today?

My one regret would be that I didn’t start doing my own thing earlier, and also don’t be afraid to take advice. I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve taken over the years. There are so many people out there, that are so willing to support you and help you. Be it through things such as IT or marketing, or product development. It can be a very lonesome role when you’re at the top of the tree and you’ve got all this business beneath you. There are so many people there that just want to help! Just to be more open and relaxed about it. When I started out on my own I was very serious, this is how it is going to be and blah blah blah. As I have gotten older and probably wiser, I have learnt to relax a bit more about it, and of course everything is still very important, there are still pressures of course but actually, you can relax, and if you relax you really enjoy the journey. Every morning then when you come in and you’re dealing with an issue, an issue is only an issue it never becomes a problem. I would advise my younger self to just relax a bit more and enjoy it.

So don’t take yourself so seriously but still take the business very seriously?

I think that’s a really good way of putting it, a really good way of putting it yes. Yeah, don’t take yourself so seriously.

If I could say our generation were brought up on ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, and inherited that change is not particularly good, don’t jump in until it’s perfect, plan it all really well, and I think it was wrong. The way tech has taken over the industry, has perhaps taught us just to get on with it and do it. Going back to Richard Branson, he’s just get on and do it, just do it the way you want to do it, and what feels right to you as an entrepreneur. Don’t necessarily listen to your parents and peers if they don’t have the same vision.

I think you are absolutely right, the vision is ultimately yours and you should take advice and take all of this information in, but ultimately it is you that takes which part of that works for you. When it is your business you know what you want for your organization and your products, your team and your staff. Ultimately you will make the decision and 99% of the time they will be right. But, never worry about them being wrong because you learn from it being wrong, and none of us get it right all the time. I’ve learnt a lot from the things I have gotten wrong. Have I made mistakes a wish I had not done? Yes of course I have, but I have learnt from them and can look back and them now and laugh about them. Those were in my younger days, as I have gotten older and more experienced and wiser, you do look at it with a more open vision, and are able to bring the right decisions to the table. Ask your team, ask the people around you and don’t think you have to do it all on your own.

Because it is a team achievement at the end of the day?

Totally, totally I have a fabulous team, my team is growing. We’re around the world, they’re a fabulous group. Some employed, some self-employed, we’re growing all the time. They all have input. We have a WhatsApp group so we all know what everyone is doing, if we are doing something new with marketing we ping it out on WhatsApp. And they give us feedback and so on and so forth, so it’s a whole team ethos that’s going on, We have some fun and some humour too, often at my expense! But, you know what, I love it! Because they’re enjoying themselves and I want that as much as what we work on.

So what is your vision for the future of Siminetti? And yourself I should say!

Well, the vision for the company is definitely growth, there is so much that we can do, and I still want to do. Mother of pearl gives us great opportunities to go into. Next I’m going to be working on a furnishing collection, with it (mother of pearl) all inlaid into the furnishings. I want to do stunning loungers around pools etc that have the mother of pearl laid into it. I want to go into the automobile industry, we should be inlaying it into fascia’s for example. We have done a little bit in the aircraft industry and I would like to expand that further. The key vision is that Siminetti is the renowned brand for mother of pearl, it’s a simple as that! That is my vision worldwide, so it is not a small task, quite a big vision to work up to, but it’s a vision that I am very much driving towards, and driving the company towards. That we become the organization that people utterly respect for mother of pearl, and when they’re talking about concepts and designs, whether it be the standard designs that we produce or bespoke solutions, that there’s really one company that they know they should go to, and that’s certainly from a vision where I want to be. So the brand is on everybody’s mind, everybody’s heard of it. Is that achievable, ask me in 10 years! And for me, probably ask me in 10 years’ time have I reached my goals. I almost achieve and exceed my goals every day at the moment, something new and exciting every day, and I think whilst I have that excitement and that buzz, and the passion for what I do, then I’m achieving what I set out to achieve. Getting up, waking up and going to the office is an absolute pleasure, not a chore. Whilst that is going on, and I see no reason why it won’t go on well into my retirement, which is clearly some years away yet! This journey has only just started and we’re 11 years old now. It’s a journey which has a long way to go, and with some exciting junctions to take, and I’m really looking forward to it.

The marketing team must have an awful lot of fun with the sustainability side of things. We have touched on some of the more exciting sides. But, just wanted to reflect on something I didn’t know which is the sustainability also includes the lightness of the product, which is why you have branched into the aircraft and marine sector, and the automotive industry as a sector can you just share some of that as it is really interesting!

Yeah, one of the benefits of the product is its thickness, so the mother of pearl itself is only 2mm thick once we have finished working with it and polished off the outside of the shell so we are left with purely the mother of pearl (nacre). It means it’s only 2mm thick, and then with our process, we make it exceptionally tough. So it’s almost impossible to snap it for example! So although it’s only 2mm thick. It is an exceptionally strong product. But, it also means it is exceptionally lightweight. That is why we have been hugely successful in the marine sector for example. So in super yachts. It is very popular because first of all, it is a luxury finish, so that fits very well with the super yacht sector. It is also a product which is coming out of the water, and then going onto the water! So it has that natural link as well. When you’re talking about boats, yachts, aircraft, cars, weight is obviously an important factor and with the product being only 2mm thick it’s exceptionally lightweight. It’s the same with the decorative panels. By putting the panels on the aluminium honeycomb backing we’re still maintaining a lightweight solution. So where as a stone slab or panel at 1.2 x 2.4 meters you would need a machine to move it around. With our mother of pearl panels you can lift those yourself it’s a one-person lift! That’s a hugely important benefit of the product, it enables us to go into sectors where a lot of other products wouldn’t be used. We have done a hotel very recently where the panels were actually put on the ceiling. So the ceiling is covered in our mother of pearl. To fix it to the ceiling is very simple. It’s lightweight and gives you a stunning finish that nobody expects to see when you go in. Because it’s so thin, mother of pearl also goes around seats and curves very well. So if we’re doing a column for example. If you do it in a thicker material then it tends to step around the curve. But with mother of pearl because it’s so thin it just smoothly goes around the curves. So we do a lot of steam rooms, steam room benches, when you’re sitting in your swimwear, and have bare skin going on benches. You don’t want to have sharp edges. Well, the mother of pearl works beautifully for that because it has a smooth finish and you have a very smooth graduated curve which again is important. The lightweight aspect of it is something we sometimes overlook ourselves because we’re just used to it. But, also from a moving, shipping and distribution aspect, it is fabulous, because we airfreight everything around the world because the footprint is so small. We can move a great deal at very little weight, and then that gives us a much smaller footprint. So even that aspect of our sustainability, and potential damage to the planet, is something which we benefit from, by how we move the product.

Is there anything else you’d like to add to this discussion that we haven’t discussed?

We covered a great deal, one of our biggest problems I suppose is making people aware of simply what we can achieve and what we can do with mother of pearl. Just making the audience, the world, aware that you can finish your walls in mother of pearl is just unheard of. I think as a challenge as we go forward, as a daily challenge my marketing department is being badgered by me all the time, we need to know more, people need to know what we can do! I think that’s one of the hardest things when bringing a product to market which people don’t necessarily appreciate can be used, in the way we utilize it. That’s probably our biggest challenge, always has been and always will be I suppose. As the brand becomes more and more well known, and our marketing team comes up with clever ways of marketing Siminetti as they do, then hopefully we will see more people having it, from a kitchen backsplash to featuring in their bathrooms. Because just a small bit creates a wow to whoever comes in, be it friends, family or neighbours. I have one particular client that I refer to quite often, she has mother of pearl in her bathroom, good friends of mine actually that I play polo with, and they’ve done all their bathroom in it. I’ll get a phone call from her saying, I’m lying in the bath and I have just seen another piece and the movement in it is amazing. It’s a bit too much information knowing she’s lying in the bath at the time! But, it’s that constant feedback that they are seeing something different all the time. That’s one of the beauties of the material that we work with. I love every day that we’re working with it.

Interesting then isn’t it! Safe, sustainable, strong, hygienic, lightweight, I mean are there any negatives to this product?

Clearly, I’m going to say no! It does tick all the boxes, is it for every budget? No, of course, it is not, it is mother of pearl at the end of the day and we have to understand that. If you’re doing larger spaces it may not fit everyone’s budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t have that little bit of luxury in there. It does give you that something special, which people will always turn to.

Thank you so much, Simon Powell! The founder of Siminetti 11 years ago. Thank you for joining us here for meet the founder and hope to see you soon.

Thank you lulu for your fine questions, it has been my pleasure to introduce myself and Siminetti, thank you.