Nestled discreetly away and within walking distance of the Tower of London, Borough Market and Tower Bridge is the LaLit Suri Hospitality Group’s latest, and first, European venture – The LaLit London. Bringing the high standard of Indian hospitality over to Britain for the first time.

Housed in a grade II listed Victorian building, formerly St Olave’s grammar establishment for boys between 1835 – 1968. The quintessentially British, Tudor inspired red brick building, which was originally designed by Edward Mountford, has still retained many of its original features, juxtaposing with the Indian features that the LaLit Suri Hospitality group is famous for throughout India. The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group are no strangers when it comes to fine service and high standards. The opening of LaLit in London marks the company’s 13th luxury hotel, alongside the 12 luxury hotels they have in India.

Inside the luxury hotel, is like entering an Indian palace tastefully decorated with rich glittering tapestries and flickering tea lamps. Included in the £50 million hotel design, there has been an ambitious restoration of the buildings original features including the original wooden floor, plaster cornices and dado mouldings. Restored timber panelling and intricately carved plaster make way for the jewel in the hotels crown, the Teachers Room, a contemporary bar serving guests the finest cocktails and evening drinks in a relaxed setting.

The elegant shimmer from the ceiling perfectly compliments the purple glass mirrored features and the original herringbone parquet flooring. Proudly displaying black and white photos from St Olaves fondly remembered school days, it’s fascinating to step back in time and see how the building has progressed over the years.

Heading into the Teachers Room you are immediately struck by the sheer beauty of the mother of pearl ceiling. Proudly supplied by Siminetti, the mosaic installed is Siminetti’s Natural Harmonie Mother of Pearl which is a unique, grout less form of mosaic tile – making it the perfect fit for an opulent ceiling in a luxury boutique hotel.

Using only the finest freshwater and saltwater pearl from around the word, it’s easy to see how Siminetti have built a solid reputation based on exceptional quality and reliability. With an unrivalled knowledge of the mother of pearl industry, Siminetti has been chosen time and time again by the world’s leading designers, architects and developers all over the world.

A proud partner of the Society of British Interior Design, all pearls used by Siminetti are sustainable and supplied only by eco-friendly sources. All mosaics also carry BS EN ISO Certification to offer you peace of mind and to ensure you receive only the highest quality tiles every time.

Siminetti’s luxury mother of pearl tiles are not only stylish, they are also pre-mounted for ease of fitting and convenience. These incredible, luxury tiles have been specially designed to not require any grouting, making them clean, efficient and easy to use for architects and builders, while still staying modern and stylish for the 21st century. Each of the panel designs are produced to exact client dimensions, providing a truly bespoke service to every project undertaken with Siminetti.

Siminetti’s tiles also include fire proof fibres, giving them an extra layer of safety and peace of mind, especially when used in a busy public space, as the Teachers Room is quickly establishing itself as a go to place for elegant evenings and leisurely afternoons with friends. Also offering dining options, the Teachers Room menu features an exciting array of international flavours, dished up by the award winning pan-Indian restaurant.

The LaLit London is quickly becoming a must visit, luxury location for anyone interested in culture, history or sipping cocktails with company under shimmering mother of pearl ceilings. For further details visit The LaLit website.