With representation across 6 continents, Siminetti is taking the lead in offering clients exceptional quality Mother-of-Pearl mosaics and tiles, from Europe to the Middle East and North America to Australia.

The most recent project in Siminetti’s extensive portfolio has just finished completion.

A brand new leisure suite has been installed at a private estate in Weybridge, one of the most exclusive estates in Surrey, South of England. The leisure suite, designed and built by wellness specialists, Drom UK, comprises a sauna, steam room and extensive spa area, with ‘Natural’ Siminetti Mother-of-Pearl mosaics used for the luxury steam room and shower areas.

The client for this prestigious project personally approached Siminetti to specify the mosaics they felt most suited the project. This involved various consultations with the Siminetti team, offering an unrivalled knowledge of the Mother-of-Pearl industry to ensure that the mosaics were the correct match for the suite.
The final mosaics used in the project were chosen out of 20 stunning colours and styles for their quality, durability and relevance to the final project. The Siminetti mosaics chosen perfectly matched the vision of the client and bought the project to life.

Siminetti Natural Mother of Pearl Mosaics

Over 4 weeks, the installation took place within the client’s private estate.

A project manager had the task of overseeing the project, along with numerous installers, a tiler and an onsite engineer. This level of staffing was required in order to ensure that the project was completed in a timely fashion to the highest possible standard.

The project required the use of 30 sq. m of Siminetti’s Natural Mother-of-Pearl mosaics all of which are harvested in an eco-friendly, sustainable way, creating both peace of mind and confidence with every purchase. The mosaics were applied over a 2 week period using a combination of tile adhesive and epoxy grout. This ensures consistency, attention to detail and accuracy from Siminetti, who are proud of their reputation and always ensure that projects have a finish of exceptional quality.

Following installation of the mosaics, they were left to set for nearly a full 2 weeks. This setting period creates an exceptionally strong bond between the surface and the mosaics ensuring there perfect for use across showers, saunas and wet areas. All Siminetti mosaics and tiles are produced to BS EN ISO Certification and being pre-treated, do not require secondary sealing, even when being used in wet areas.

In Siminetti style, this project was finished to an exceptional standard, on time and within the budgets agreed with the client prior the starting the project.

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