Siminetti luxury mother-of-pearl tiles

What our products offer the marine industry

Our unique range of stunning mother of pearl surface solutions is ideally suited to the marine industry. All of our collections from the mosaics to our new seasons collection will provide a sophisticated elegance onboard any vessel without adding unnecessary weight and compromising valuable floor space. All of our mosaics are made using sustainably sourced mother of pearl to ensure we’re doing our part to protect our oceans & aquatic life for future generations to enjoy.

Mother of Pearl Surfaces

Our mosaic tiles are made from the finest mother of pearl and have an uncompromising natural beauty. Our hand crafted mosaics are available with either a paper facing or mesh backing. Both deliver the same stunning finish the only differences being the installation method and the environmental benefit of using a paper substrate. In our mosaics collection, we currently offer a staggering 19 colourways. 14 Freshwater colours and 5 colours sourced from Saltwater mother of pearl. Our mother of pearl mosaic tiles are sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable sources, are exceptionally strong and suitable for wall and floor surfaces. Our collection offers a unique form of decoration, unrivalled by man made products and can be seen in many of the worlds leading spa’s, hotels, private homes, swimming pools and super-yachts.

Siminetti Golden Pearl Drop Decorative Panel

Decorative Surfaces

Our exclusive mother of pearl Decorative Surfaces are the next generation in stunning mother of pearl finishes. Handcrafted by our team of Artisans, Siminetti Decorative Surfaces are the foremost in stylish, luxury finishes.  Each design consists of our exclusive mother of pearl in combination with an aluminium substrate. providing both ease of installation and impressive strength in a lightweight solution. Smooth to the touch and without the need for grouting, Siminetti Decorative Surfaces are the height of luxury surface technology and the latest design leading format used by many of the worlds leading architects and design houses.

Our decorative surfaces are available in four equally unique collections; Classic, Textures, Signature and our latest Seasons collection. All available in a range of colour options and manufactured to your exact dimensions up to a maximum of 120cm x 240cm per panel to ensure a precise fit. Below you can see a recent installation of our Crackle surface from the signature collection in a stunning Princess yacht destined for  Hong Kong! Specially requested by the client, the installation of ‘Crackle’ on a yacht is a first and the results speak for themselves!

Bespoke Design

We understand that you want your yacht to be as unique as you are. That is why we also offer a bespoke design service to accommodate all of your needs. Whether looking for unique furniture inlays, a statement hallway or refreshing wetroom, we can work with yourself and our talented artisans to develop a showstopping solution. To find out more about our unique bespoke design service click here, or get in contact to discuss your desires!