2020 Kitchen Design Ideas

2020 has been a turbulent time for all of us, but through this period we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of renovation projects aiming to update tired home interiors. This article will explore trending colours, styles, and layouts in kitchen design and how these can be implemented into your plans.


In 2019 Elledecor projected a shift in colour preferences; moving away from minimalistic white spaces to the implementation of striking hues. It would seem that this was an accurate expectation with interest in two-tone contrasting colour schemes rising in popularity. In a recent article by HausvonEden they suggest that the use of calm colours contrasted against whites, greys and wood textures are leading the way. These colours accented with copper and Brass make for a timeless & sophisticated décor.

Using our Copper Mosaic tiles as a kitchen splashback is an effective way to bring contrasting elements into your space. Paired with subtle greys and white, these tiles will accentuate your desired focal point. The image below shows how the copper tiles draw in your focus towards the oven & hob, often seen as the most important tool in any kitchen. The tiles are hard wearing and easy to clean making them an ideal choice for such a demanding area.

Copper 25mm

Styles & layout

The way in which we consider our home layouts has shifted further towards the need for communal spaces. When considering kitchen layouts there is a need for the space to facilitate not only great cooking, but entertaining friends and family, celebrating & providing a space to unwind. As such there is a trend towards utilising multi-functional furniture, creative storage & anti-kitchen products. By “anti kitchen” products we mean items that make the room feel less like a kitchen, traditionally found in other spaces such as dining rooms, snugs & lounges. The inclusion of these elements ultimately create a more relaxing environment that can bring the whole family together.

Our decorative panels are a great way of creatively incorporating Anti-kitchen items into your space. Our unique bespoke service allows us to create panels to suit your exact dimensions; TV surrounds, Cabinet door insets, wall art, aquarium surrounds and more. The only limitations for our decorative panels is your imagination. Our panels are manufactured on an aluminium honeycomb backing which means our panels require no grouting; great for keeping your space clean. The panels are also waterproof requiring no finishing at all making them ideal for kitchen backsplashes & highly demanding areas.

Golden Pearl Drop

Ensuring space is utilised to its full potential leads us towards a greater need for tailored solutions. As such more home owners are opting for handmade islands, tables and storage solutions. These not only provide added functionality but open up endless possibilities for personalisation. Adding a custom breakfast bar with child height areas & built in ‘Flextension’ (House Beautiful) to accommodate working from home, will maximise your appreciation of the area & return on investment in your renovations. Using a decorative panel on the wall behind one such area would create an easy to clean, antimicrobial space with elegance, personality and guaranteeing the space inspires you when working. In the pursuit of individualism there is no man made product that can match Mother of Pearl. No two mosaic tesserae (tiles) are ever the same as the shells are individually produced by the shell fish which produce differing movements withing each tessera.

The Environment

Our environmental impact is of growing concern to many renovators, seeking solutions that not only enhance their space but do so without causing damage to the planet. All of our Saltwater and Freshwater Mother of Pearl is sustainably sourced from all over the world. The shell fish that produce our Mother of Pearl are farmed for the food industry to tightly monitored levels to prevent over farming and damage to the environment. The utilisation of this stunning natural material means there is no waste from the farming process.

Shell on beach with Siminetti Logo