From luxury swimming pools and striking steam rooms to luxury spas and hammams, loose yourself in Siminetti tranquillity.


The natural essence of Mother of Pearl is the perfect match for your wellness facilities. The variation of tones and movement add a tranquillity unsurpassed by man made surface finishes. We have been supplying our handcrafted Mother of Pearl into the worlds most prestigious commercial and private spas for our lifetime and thus have a wealth of enviable knowledge. Now its time for you to RELAX into your very own world with Siminetti Mother of Pearl easing you into a calm wonderland.

There are a number of products across our range that elegantly fulfil any of your requirements. Our decorative panels are the ideal choice for creating partitioning walls and enticing welcome areas. Being safe for wet areas mean the panels are also suited to use in shower rooms, and experiential spaces. Our range of mosaic tiles can also be used in swimming pools, unaffected by the chemicals commonly found in swimming pool water. With a choice of either paper faced or mesh backing installation of our mosaic tiles to curved surfaces easy with a high quality curvature. This is shown perfectly below on a fantastic Drom lounger, featuring our Bianco freshwater and Midnight Pearl saltwater mother of pearl.

  • Bianco & Midnight Pearl Spa
  • Gentle Earth - Underground Spa
  • Anthracite 25mm Steam Room
  • Anthracite 25mm Steam Room
  • Anthracite 25mm Spa
  • Innocence 25mm Swimming Pool
  • Midnight Pearl 25mm Swimming Pool
  • Natural 25mm Swimming Pool
  • Midnight Pearl 25mm Bathroom
  • Gentle Earth Bathtub
  • Natural 25mm Spa
  • Anthracite 25mm Spa
  • Ocean Drive Swimming pool in the sun
  • Ocean Drive mother of pearl Swimming Pool at night

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

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