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It is recommended that Siminetti products are installed by approved installers or suitably qualified tile/mosaic installers. Siminetti maintains an International list of approved installers who have worked on projects using our products and whose work has either been seen and approved by ourselves or that we have had a testimonial from the end user or designer, confirming the installers professionalism and exceptional standard of workmanship.

Siminetti does not guarantee the work of its approved installers and it is for the client to confirm to their own satisfaction the suitability or otherwise of any installers on the Siminetti Approved Installers list.

Whilst we continue to update and maintain the Siminetti Approved Installers list, the list is by no means exhaustive and there will be many suitably qualified installers with the relevant skills, who would be able to install Siminetti products. Siminetti products do not require specific installation training.

To obtain a copy of our Approved Installers List or if in doubt about installation, please contact us

Vote for Siminetti in the SBID Finals
Vote for Siminetti in the SBID Finals
Vote for Siminetti in the SBID Finals

Mission Statement

“To continually create inspirational luxury surfaces, that are crafted with passion, viewed with awe and are kind to the planet on which we live.”

– Simon Powell CEO