Ocean Drive Condominium

Situated in one of Ocean Drives most iconic buildings, we have just supplied 3500ft2 / 350m2 of Siminetti Mother of Pearl mosaics. Designed by the late renowned architect, Michael Graves, the swimming pool and hot tub are fundamental aspects of this iconic building and in keeping with Michael Graves wishes, the residents of the condominium have followed the initial design brief of finishing the pool in stunning Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles. The pool had received a lack-lustre concrete treatment and stood for the last 20 years as a utilitarian, but less than overwhelming feature of the building.

Siminetti supplied a staggering 3500ft2 / 350m2 of Midnight Pearl & Bianco mosaic tiles to the condominium.

Although Michael Graves has since passed away, this year, his long-standing dream finally came true. In February 2021, Ron Maheu, the President of the 1500 Ocean Drive Condominium Association, and Harold Rosenbaum, its Treasurer and Building Committee Chair, jointly announced that the long awaited pool renovation project had been successfully completed.

  • Ocean Drive Swimming pool in the sun
  • Swimming Pool in the sun from above
  • Ocean Drive Mother of pearl Swimming Pool
  • Swimming pool from above
  • Ocean Drive Hot tub in Mother of Pearl
  • Ocean Drive mother of pearl Swimming Pool at night

Ocean Drive Swimming Pool Case Study

Midnight Pearl

Our mother of pearl mosaic tiles are sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable sources, are exceptionally strong and suitable for wall and floor surfaces. Our collection offers a unique form of decoration, unrivalled by man-made products. Each of our mosaics is sealed with resin, ensuring an exceptionally strong mosaic suitable for both wall and floor surfaces. Anthracite is suitable for internal use and perfect for wet areas, feature walls, spas etc.

Siminetti works with the worlds leading designers, architects and private individuals and offers one of the most luxurious surface finishes available. Utilising both freshwater and saltwater pearl, the mosaics are available in a series of stunning colours and different styles with all of the pearl being sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable sources.

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