Siminetti luxury mother-of-pearl tiles

Décor Trends; 2021 Interior Design

Texture Decor Trends

What décor trends will we see in 2021? We expect to see a rise in the desire to elevate glass, wallpapers and tiles with more tactile features. For siminetti, we see this potential trend increasing interest in our textures collection. A selection of our decorative surfaces previously sold only under the Bianco colourway, as of 2021, the designs are now available in five gorgeous colourways. Adding texture to a hallway is a creative way to enhance a limited space. Shadows and reflections create depth, visually enriching an area that can often feel lacklustre compared to more prominent rooms.


The use of mother of pearl as an inlay is something which has been done for centuries, utilising the famous capiz mother of pearl shells. This practice came to its peak during the victorian era and holds a strong vintage allure now. The inclusion of our decorative surfaces is the next iteration of this ultra-luxury practise. We are able to offer a bespoke design process at siminetti where we handcraft unique surface solutions to our client’s precise requirements. Possible applications include coffee tables, credenzas, and cupboard doors where you can inlay our surfaces as a jeweling feature.

Custom made storage is a creative solution for optimising the use of awkward spaces within our homes. 2021 will see bespoke storage solutions becoming a more decorative feature in our homes. Pushing aside dull-plain finishes in favour of luxurious surfaces which enhance the room. Mother of pearl mosaic tiles can be used as a central feature inlay or individual tesserae pieces can be used to frame doors and surrounds.

Hygenic Décor Trends

Another side effect of 2020 will be hygiene focused décor trend – particularly in hospitality and wellness – providing surfaces that aid in providing hygienic and safe spaces for all visitors. Our decorative surfaces come premounted onto either an aluminium, PVC or magnesium backing and are resin sealed, requiring no grouting or additional finishes. The result is a fast to install stunning surface which is easy to clean and will not trap bacteria or pathogens like porous panelling solutions or grouts commonly used with traditional tiles. Hygienic solutions do not need to be uninspiring and lacklustre.

White Kitchens

Fully white kitchens and man-made surfaces have become stale, with the luxury sector moving in favour of organic materials and natural colours making our homes a more comforting place to be with ties back to nature. A great way to break up stark whites in your kitchen is the inclusion of a decorative kitchen splashback. Our new seasons collection features a series of designs that would make for a stunning kitchen splashback. The natural off-white colouring of Bianco paired with the silver finish of innocence or Golden Promise would make an elegant statement in any luxury setting.

Sustainable Design

The events of 2020 highlighted the impact subtle changes in our lives as a collective could have on the planet. Seas were clearer and air pollution levels improved considerably. This will undoubtedly impact our outlook on how we live our lives. Could this see a décor trend favouring sustainably sourced and produced alternatives specified in favour of traditional materials and processes. Interior design choices will be under greater sustainability requirements; favouring environmentally friendly options whenever possible. Siminetti are proud of our sustainability credentials and endeavour to continue our efforts in supplying sustainably sourced mother of pearl which is kind to the planet. In contrast to man-made surface solutions, our mother of pearl surfaces is made to stringent specifications; using suppliers that adhere to strict terms that ensure the protection of marine life & our oceans for future generations.

Hygenic Luxury Surfaces