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Siminetti releases Sustainability Statement in recognition of its dedication to the support of the Worlds oceans and fisheries.

From the very beginnings of Siminetti in 2010, the founder and CEO of Siminetti, Simon Powell has been driven by his passion for the beauty of Mother of Pearl but never forgetting his passion for everything nature has to offer. This offering is today in peril around the globe, with threats to wildlife, insect life and marine life at levels never seen before. Siminetti has in 2019 teamed up to support Ocean Unite in its quest to protect 30% of the Worlds Oceans by 2030 and at Siminetti we are forever doing all we can to support positive initiatives to support the planets life.

As part of this commitment, Siminetti has launched its Sustainability Statement, detailing the efforts we go to ensure our products are sustainably farmed, support local economies and where possible are bi-products of other industries. Going Green can simply be a phrase will little meaning but at Siminetti we take our Corporate Responsibilities with enormous pride and ensure words such as ‘Green’, ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Environmental’ are words with meaning. Luxury does not have to cost us the Earth.

Siminetti Golden Pearl Drop Decorative Panel

As with all of Siminetti’s mother-of-pearl products, the mother-of-pearl is always sourced sustainably, with the majority being sourced from discarded shells which have been grown for use in the freshwater pearl industry or food industry.

Siminetti Golden Peal Drop Decorative Panel

Siminetti is proud of its ethical and ecological credentials and takes the greatest care when sourcing its range of natural products, to ensure they meet strict ecological standards and are sourced from sustainable, farmed locations wherever in the world they are grown.
Our Freshwater mosaics are sourced from shell that is grown for the natural Freshwater Pearl industry. The shell, a bi-product of the Freshwater Pearl industry, is a waste product and Siminetti source the shell directly from the farms in Asia where the freshwater shells are grown.
Asia is the largest producer of Freshwater Pearls, producing some 1,500 metric tons per year and rather than simply discarding the shells from this production, Siminetti sources these shells and in conjunction with its partners produces our series of Freshwater Shell mosaics and decorative panels.
Our Saltwater Mother of Pearl is sourced from Pacific communities who depend on sustainable relationships with the ocean lagoons in which they farm pearls or harvest them as a food source. Our suppliers have for generations respected the origin, growth and delicate nature of these shells. Harvesting is done in line with local Government Fishery laws and a constant communication with our suppliers ensure we are informed and accountable.
We only deal with raw material suppliers who have a full understanding of relevant practices and legislation to ensure consistent, high quality products. They must hold a fisheries export licence when appropriate, comply with biosecurity laws, provide Certificates of Origin and demonstrate evidence of the specific harvest area.
Our Mother of Pearl is sourced from regions such as Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Pacific Islands, Tahiti, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Tahiti. Each of our Mother of Pearl shells grows in specific regions based on water temperatures and climates.
Siminetti absolutely opposes the use of overfishing and exploitation of our World’s sea beds and actively engages with ocean charities who look to sustain our oceans for the betterment of marine life and the conservation for our futures.

Simon A Powell
CEO Siminetti

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