Like the enduring allure of Clematis plants, the ‘Clematis’ panel exudes timeless beauty. Its delicate and graceful design ensures it remains a cherished symbol of nature’s elegance in your decor, standing the test of time with grace and poise.

Description :  Intricate botanical design inspired by the vines and leaves of the Clematis plant. Pattern repeat between panels.

Suitability : Interior & Exterior Feature Walls, Backsplashes, Showers Walls & Furnishings

Styles : 2

Available styles :



Our exclusive Mother of Pearl Decorative Surfaces is the next generation in stunning Mother of Pearl finishes. Handcrafted and hand-assembled by our team of Artisans, Siminetti Decorative Surfaces are the foremost in stylish, luxury finishes, with each design produced to our clients exacting dimension. Combining practicality with ease of installation, Siminetti Decorative Surfaces are the latest dimension for stylish, exacting interiors.

Each design consists of our sustainable Mother of Pearl, overlaying an aluminum Honeycomb backing, which ensures strength whilst also ensuring they are uniquely waterproof and perfect for shower wall applications, kitchens splashbacks, furniture inlays etc. Smooth to the touch and without the need for grouting, Siminetti Decorative Surfaces are the height of luxury surface technology and the latest design leading format used by many of the world’s leading architects and design houses.