Raffles London at The OWO – UK

A Design Project at the new Guerlain Spa

The first in the UK, the Guerlain Spa spans 27,000 square feet over four floors of Raffles London at The OWO, a prestigious new luxury hotel in the landmark Grade II* listed building on Whitehall, which once served as the headquarters for the British Army and statesmen including Winston Churchill and Lord Haldane. The building was also part of the inspiration for writer Ian Fleming to pen his James Bond spy novels.

The building has undergone a grand transformation and is now home to a dedicated well-being concept spa delivered by Guerlain and Pillar Wellbeing. Facilities and services include a Technogym and movement studio, a 20-metre swimming pool surrounded by loungers, a vitality pool, and steam and sauna rooms. Nine treatment rooms include three VIP Spa Suites and a private hair and beauty space called L’Atelier Guerlain. www.raffles.com/london/

Siminetti Spa Steam Room

Siminetti’s NATURAL freshwater Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles were installed by our partners, Cheshire Wellness (the UK’s leading pool and spa shell design & build contractors) to create the spa’s steam room within the wellness areas at the Guerlain Spa.

Our mosaic tiles are ideally suited to such areas. Expertly smoothed by our trained artisans and resin sealed to remove any porosity, the tiles are both waterproof and heat resistant.

Handcrafted from the finest sustainable mother of pearl, the natural tie back to nature and the ocean provides a relaxing, holistic space to unwind – whilst doing good for the environment.


We interviewed Andy Phillips, Managing Director at Cheshire Wellness to tell us more about the project and their experience in spa installation:

 1. You were involved in the renovations of the new Raffles London at The OWO. Please can you tell us what your involvement was?

Cheshire Wellness has a wealth of experience delivering state-of-the-art facilities for world-renowned hotels. With a track record of successful projects, the company was initially engaged to bring its expertise to the renovation of the Old War Office and the spaces that would later become part of Raffles London at The OWO.

Having previously delivered facilities in numerous prestigious hotels globally, Cheshire Wellness’s reputation for excellence positioned them as a trusted partner for this high-profile project.

The initial engagement focused on the design, supply, and installation of key spa features in the hotel areas, including a 20m swimming pool, vitality pool, sauna, and steam room. As the project progressed, Cheshire Wellness’s role expanded organically to include the creation of immersive experience rooms within the residential areas.

Attention to Detail: Cheshire Wellness’s involvement in world-renowned hotel spa facilities reflects their commitment to meticulous planning, superior design, and the seamless integration of wellness amenities that meet the high standards expected by discerning clientele.

Collaborative Approach: The success of Cheshire Wellness in this field is not only attributed to their technical expertise but also to their collaborative approach, working closely with architects, designers, suppliers, and hotel management to ensure that the spa facilities align seamlessly with the overall vision and brand identity of the establishments.

Cheshire Wellness’s extensive experience positions them as industry leaders in delivering top-tier spa installations, and their contributions to the Raffles London at The OWO project underscore their ability to elevate the wellness offerings of even the most prestigious hotel establishments.

2. You installed Siminetti’s Mother of Pearl natural mosaic tiles in the new steam room of the Guerlain Spa. We pride ourselves about how easy our tiles are to be installed. Can you tell us more about your experience with our tiles?

Cheshire Wellness installed Siminetti’s Mother of Pearl natural mosaic tiles in the new steam room of the Guerlain Spa. Working with natural materials like Mother of Pearl is considered a privilege, and the experience with Siminetti’s tiles  as a specialist supplier was very positive indeed. The ease of installation was highlighted, and the high-quality assembly of the mosaics on the backing contributed to a smooth installation process, resulting in a high-quality finish.

3. You specialize in Spa installations. What big trends are you seeing in the industry at the moment?

From a materials perspective, there is a noticeable trend in the industry shifting from porcelain and man-made materials back to natural stone products. The appeal of natural stone lies in its varied beauty, which cannot be replicated by synthetic materials.

4. Sustainability is one of Siminetti’s core values and it is becoming increasing important in the built sector. Do you incorporate any sustainability practices in what you do?

Cheshire Wellness carry out a detailed pre-qualification questionnaire with all of our suppliers to ensure the sustainability of the products we use. This can help Cheshire Wellness and our clients or representatives make informed decisions based on ethical considerations with environmentally conscious principles and contribute to the long-term well-being of both the industry and the planet.

5. What is your impression of the completed Steam Room using Siminetti’s mosaic tiles at the Guerlain Spa in Raffles London at The OWO?

The Mother of Pearl mosaics were carefully chosen  to complement the natural tones of the book-matched Patagonia stone on the walls of the steam room. The overall impression suggests that the final result at the Guerlain Spa was aesthetically pleasing and inspiring with a harmonious integration of materials contributing to the desired and truly unique ambiance.

Image Credits:

Hotel: Raffles London at The OWO
Steam Room: Guerlain Spa
Installation: Cheshire Wellness
Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles: Siminetti
Photography: John Athimaritis

Product Specifications

Siminetti Mother of Pearl Mosaics

Siminetti mother of pearl mosaics are sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable sources. Our mosaics collection offers a unique form of decoration, unrivalled by man-made products. All of our mosaics are resin sealed, making our tiles effortless to clean and exceptionally strong, suitable for both wall and floor surfaces. Siminetti’s mosaic tiles are perfect for internal use and ideal for wet areas, feature walls and spas. The collection includes 19 colours – fourteen freshwater and five saltwater mother of pearl mosaic tiles – available in up to 12 different styles ensuring a striking look in any environment. All Siminetti mosaic tiles carry BS EN ISO Certification.

Explore our mosaic colourways including Natural and Jade and the twelve available styles from traditional square tesserae to our unique fantail offering. Our Natural, Bianco, Biscotti and Saltwater series of mosaics are suitable for external use and will not be affected by direct sunlight or frost making them ideal for exterior walls and swimming pools. Adore mother of pearl but looking for an even more exclusive and unique wallcovering? Explore our Decorative Panels, the next generation of mother of pearl surfaces. A collection of luxurious designs encapsulated in mother of pearl and mounted to a waterproof aluminium backing, requiring no grouting.

Siminetti can also design and produce stunning bespoke mosaic designs and colours to your exacting requirements.


  • Suitable for wall and floor surfaces, internal use & wet areas, feature walls, and spa steam rooms. ‘Natural’ is also suitable for swimming pools.
  • Exhibits a natural, luxurious iridescence
  • Waterproof, chemical resistant, heat & frost resistant, thermal shock resistant, anti-slip
  • Resin sealed, making them effortless to clean and maintain
  • Sustainably sourced
  • 10 year guarantee