Siminetti is the world leader in luxury mother of pearl surfaces for the interior design market. We offer four different types of mother of pearl mosaic tiles collections with different aesthetic benefits to cater for every style: Classic Mosaic Tiles, Mosaic Shading Blends, Grout-Free Harmonie Mosaics, and Bespoke Mosaic Motifs.

Classic Mosaic Tiles

Our Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles are sourced from sustainable sources and suitable for wall and floor surfaces. Our collection, unrivalled by man-made products, are resin sealed, making them effortless to clean and maintain. Siminetti’s mosaic tiles are suitable for internal use and for wet areas, feature walls, swimming pools and spas. The collection includes 14 freshwater and 5 saltwater Mother of Pearl mosaics and are available in up to 12 different styles. All Siminetti mosaic tiles carry BS EN ISO Certification.

Our Natural, Bianco, Biscotti and Saltwater series of mosaic tiles are suitable for external use and will not be affected by direct sunlight or frost making them ideal for exterior walls and swimming pools.

Mosaic Shading Blends

Enhance living spaces with the exquisite beauty of our Mother of Pearl shading blend mosaics. These unique collections offer a perfect harmony of elegance and creativity, enabling you to craft captivating feature walls that exude a mesmerizing ombre effect.

Crafted from the finest and eco-friendly materials, our Mother of Pearl shading blends are a true testament to luxury and sustainability. With a choice of four stunning color combinations, each set plays with the contrast of two shades of mosaic tiles, creating a visual journey that seamlessly transitions from dark to light or light to dark, captivating your gaze with every glance.

Grout-Free Harmonie Mosaics

Grout free, stylish and natural. The Harmonie Collection from Siminetti features a range of shapes available in all our unique colours and with each tesserae fitted next to each other, there is no requirement for grout. Perfect for feature walls, furnishing inlays and curves, the Harmonie Collection fits between our Mosaics Collections and our Feature Wall panels, offering a natural, creative, textured finish without the installation requirements of mosaic tiles.

Bespoke Mosaic Motifs

Siminetti can design and produce stunning bespoke mosaics to your exacting requirements. We work with some of the world’s leading designers, architects, yacht designers and private individuals to offer one of the most stunning surface finishes available.

This journey begins with developing an understanding of your requirements, followed by the development of your bespoke design including 3D visualisations if required. Our expert artisans then handcraft your design to precise tolerances to ensure our product is an exact fit for your project. Then finally the carefully packaged products are shipped directly to you for installation.