A popular choice for internal walls and floors, Siminetti’s Gentle Earth mosaic tiles are a classic and timeless choice for adding detail to the most discerning locations. Choose this colour in a fantail style to add a unique twist to a feature wall.

  • Gentle earth Hexagons in masculine bathroom
  • Gentle Earth Underground Spa
  • Gentle Earth 15mm
  • Gentle Earth Hexagons in Shower
  • Gentle Earth Bathtub
  • Luxury bath with Gentle Earth Hexagon mosaic tiles
  • Gentle Earth 25mm
  • Large bathroom with Gentle Earth Hexagons
  • Gentle Earth 25mm Spa

Our mother of pearl mosaic tiles are sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable sources, are exceptionally strong and suitable for wall and floor surfaces. Our collection offers a unique form of decoration, unrivalled by man-made products. Each of our mosaics is sealed with resin, ensuring an exceptionally strong mosaic suitable for both wall and floor surfaces. Anthracite is suitable for internal use and perfect for wet areas, feature walls, spas etc.

Siminetti works with the worlds leading designers, architects and private individuals and offers one of the most luxurious surface finishes available. Utilising both freshwater and saltwater pearl, the mosaics are available in a series of stunning colours and different styles with all of the pearl being sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable sources.

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