2022 Interior Design Trends

The Best of 2021

Before exploring expectations for 2022 it is worth exploring the trends we at Siminetti have seen during 2021 so far and look over some of our favourite projects. 2021 was a turbulent year. However, we saw some incredible project unfold featuring our mother of pearl surfaces. Some of those favourites are featured below.

Anthracite Steam Room

The Anthracite steam room shown in the first image features our 25mm square tiles. Mother of pearl is incredibly thin, only 2mm. The result is effortless application to curved surfaces, where thicker tesserae found on stone and glass mosaics will create staggered edges. Having smooth graduating curve on steam room benches not only results in a more comfortable place to be but limits the chance’s of damage to clothing, are easier to clean, and less likely to feature chips and breakages to edges.

Midnight Pearl Bathroom

A personal favourite of our marketing department, the use of darker tones and balanced lighting results in a highly indulgent setting. Midnight pearl is a highly reflective saltwater mother of pearl, as such Sjartec‘s use of this mosaic in the far corner of the bathroom opens up the space visually, reflecting light into the rest of the room. Natural variations in the midnight pearl help to tie together the light and dark within the room for a balanced backdrop.

Gentle Earth Bathroom

Another project from our highly regarded brand ambassadors in the Netherlands; Sjartec. The interior designers have created a warm and enriching space utilising earthly colours in the form of large marble effect panels with golden highlights and our statement Gentle Earth mosaic tiles. The masculine characteristics of this space highlights the versatility mother of pearl offers, equally as impactful when used in small spaces, large spaces, masculine décor or feminine décor.

Crackle Princess yacht

2021 saw us undertake a world first, Installing Crackle Decorative Panels onto a Princess Yacht destined for Hong Kong. The project led by Aquamare Marine saw the installation of crackle panels into all these of the vessels bathrooms, Crackle had never before been installed on a yacht and the results were breath-taking. Rays of light bounce off the sea through the windows then scatter on the panels producing mesmerising diffractions of light. Blues, greens, purples can all be seen as the rays of light are reflected by the nacre’s (mother of pearl) complex layering.

Midnight Pearl shower room

An inviting ocean inspired escape to relax and unwind in the comfort of your home. This tranquil design sees a combination of our saltwater Midnight pearl with beach cobbles set in the floor for a true escape to the ocean experience. Contrast between the mosaic, cobbles, natural woods and black details create a visually enriching and timeless décor sure to be enjoyed for a long time. Additionally knowing that upon the decision to remodel the space in the future, our natural product is biodegrable and can return to earth responsibly.

Ocean Drive Swimming Pool

The Ocean Drive swimming pool project was a crowning achievement for Siminetti and a project which will be remembered indefinitely. The late Architect Michael Graves designed 1500 Ocean drive to be a pioneering development on the seafront and in the most part it was. However there was one element which was never realised during his lifetime; a stunning curved swimming pool adorned with mother of pearl. At the time of completion the decision was made instead to install a rather lack-lustre brutalist concrete skin to the pool. In 2021 the condominium honoured Graves wishes with the installation of Siminetti’s Bianco and Midnight Pearl mosaic tiles. Check out our case study on this truly incredible project HERE.

2022 Interior Design Trends

With 2021 ending it’s time to look ahead to 2022 and what new interior design trends are upon us.

Biophilic Design

It is predicted that the biophilia design trend will continue, bringing nature inside is going to boom next year with everyone having plants and trees in their homes, offices, and workspaces- creating an urban jungle and a calm environment as seen in the gallery below. When it comes to luxury hotels it is expected to see lots of plants in the lobby as well as an increase in areas for people to work. So if nature is going to be so popular our seasons design panels collection is going to compliment this perfectly. Imagine a stunning eucalyptus plant placed right beside a large wall of our exquisite eucalyptus design panels-it would be unparalleled beauty.


Now let’s talk colour. It’s going to be all about neutrals in 2022 and what’s better for any trendy, luxury hotel than using our mosaics in our range of natural colours to create a relaxing bathroom experience alongside the trending smart mirrors with built-in TV. ‘Natural‘ and ‘Gentle Earth‘ would be two out of our many unique colours that would blend in with this trend without question. Below you can see how contrasting colour can be used to complement this trend, Midnight pearl in combination with warm beige floor tiles creates a welcoming and balanced space.

Green Aesthetic

As well as neutrals there is going to be a lot of greens emerging next year and ‘Jade’ is our colour for that trend. Blending in with biophilia, greens are perfect for any wellness spaces and being a part of luxury wellness is what we do best! Jade creates a calm environment which is exactly what we wanted for our recent hospital project in the United States. Offsetting striking green hues with bright white walls will produce a space which is light, inviting and ties you back to nature. The bedroom setting below features Crystal from our seasons collection bringing key sentiments of the outside in.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable surfaces are up next and that is where our Decorative panels slot right in! Made from sustainably sourced Mother of Pearl, our panels can achieve elegance in any room whilst still being kind towards the environment. The panels also don’t require grout which not only makes them easy to install but increases hygiene which of course has become a massive factor into our everyday lives in the past two years! They can be both sustainable and contain neutral colours thus making the best out of both worlds (or trends!).

No matter the style implemented into your next project; Siminetti have a luxurious solution to elevate your space. Through our bespoke design service, our designers are able to produce your unique ideas in stunning mother of pearl. Siminetti’s design team and expert artisans will work with you, interior designers, or installers throughout the design journey to craft the pinacol feature of your 2022 projects.