The Siminetti Sky 2021 Polo Fixtures list

Polo; A Brief History

The sport of kings, a prestigious sport that predates recorded history! The origins are somewhat unknown but the inspiration stems from a clear desire to celebrate the close relationship between man and horse. The ponies receive the best care possible, for the welfare of the animal, but also out of a shear love of them by the players, and a desire for them to perform at their very best.

A version of polo was played by the nomads in Asia. A combination of sport and military war training where soldiers would play in opposing numbers of nearly 100! The sport followed the nomads to Persia somewhere between 600 B.C. and 100 A.D. This resulted in polo becoming the national sport in Persia, where it was played by the military and nobleman. variants of the sport then started spread around eastern countries.

The modern version of the sport originates from India. In 1859 Lieutenant Joe Sherer saw the sport being played and stated “We must learn the game! The Silchar Polo Club was then founded by British military officers and tea planters. The sport then spread around the world as enthusiasts travelled. soon reaching England in 1869.

References: Polo Museum

Our Fixtures

After a long-awaited pause to proceedings, the 2021 polo season has begun!

If you would like to spectate the team, join us at Kirtlington Park Polo Club, on the dates below.

  • June 5th-6th – Taylor league
  • June 19th-20th – Continental Cup
  • July 10th-11th – DHE Plate

Our team:

  • S. Richards.
  • S. Powell
  • R. Brown
  • A.Hancock
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