Siminetti luxury mother-of-pearl tiles

The Brit List Finalists

Siminetti are finalists in Hotel Designs Brit List Awards! The Seasons collection has been selected as a finalist for the Eco Award, this follows our recent announcement of being shortlisted for the SBID product design awards for the second consecutive year! We launched the seasons collection at the start of 2021. Designed in collaboration with Chrisanna McArthur the designs are inspired by nature, and elegantly combines organic visuals with natural mother of pearl in the form of our decorative panels. The collection; as with all of our products, is produced using the finest mother of pearl which has been sustainably sourced from around the world.

All twelve of the designs are available in either our Golden promise or Innocence colourway in combination with a Bianco base. Both Golden Promise and Innocence are a Saltwater mother of pearl and is sourced in the Philippines. The shells are sourced from famed locations where the shellfish have been grown primarily for the food industry. Once the shellfish has been removed from the shell, the discarded shells usually end up in landfill or are broken down and used in roads. We take this diamond in the rough and our artisans reveal the stunning nacre underneath that is unmatched by man made materials.

The Brit List by Hotel designs is regarded and respected globally identifying leading interior designers, architects, hoteliers and brands. The Brit list awards this year includes more than 130 individuals and projects. The award ceremony this year will take place in PROUD Embankment. The awards ceremony is in its fifth year of identifying the most influential interior designers, architects, hoteliers and brands operating in Britain.

If you are interested in attending the design ceremony find out more on Hotel Designs website here!